We are a full service family owned roofing company. We have been installing roofs and snow guards for over 30 years in the Telluride, Colorado region at elevations from 6,000’ up to 11,400’. We specialize in roofing installation and roof maintenance with a focus on ice and snow management. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of quality and service. That’s who we are.

We were not at all satisfied with the available snow guards and wanted to provide our customers with a superior product. We wanted snow guards that were bomb proof strong , visually unobtrusive and impervious to UV and environmental degradation.

Avi Anchor snow stops were conceived and designed through extensive real world experience and testing. Avi Anchor was designed to be a superior product, with a reinforced outer edge to help stand up to ice movement and snow removal crews. The outer edge and gripping pyramid hold the snow, not letting it slip by. The architectural curve and colors blend with your roof and are pleasing to the eye.

Made in the  USA

To ensure the perfect size, profile and structural shaping, we designed and arranged for our own injection molding. Next, we developed a special polycarbonate that is exceptionally strong but flexible enough to accommodate the wide range of temperature, sun and snow load ranges that exist in the real world. Finally we added UV inhibitors to the both the polycarbonate and the coloring pigments. No other snow guard incorporates these features. The AVI ANCHOR SNOW GUARD meets our rigorous requirements and is far superior to any other snow guard made.